Move along Ma by Redkite33 on Flickr.

Zayn and Harry’s Vocals and Adlibs in You and I (accapella) 

listen with earphones! 

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Animated art gif

squint at it when you look at it

this is incredible


if i own a denim jacket and jeans, does that mean i own a denim suit?

bi-coastal creme egg party: the beginning
"Falling in love isn’t like falling off a cliff. It’s a gradual fall into a soft, welcoming bed of white linens on a Sunday morning. The sun is streaming through the windows making angular patterns on the comforter that a cat could envy, and the smell of toast and rain-sodden clothes lingers from the night before. She’s in the kitchen scraping off plates and burning the toast like she always has, emanating soft curses that float into the bedroom and your ears. As you lay there in the warmth of the bright yellow plaid across your calf with your face half in the pillow, blinking stupidly, you smell the burnt toast and hear the curses and remember the soggy evening you had together and think, “I love this woman.” You have, you do, and you will. You’ve been falling and falling ever since you met, and you will continue falling until the day your eyes move from the sunglight to the darkness."
"Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself."